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2012-01-28 08:31:41 by mikuru15

sometimes i wonder if there are people who love anime more than me :3

just got my origional production sketch cell from the anime elfen lied, pretty happy with it ^_^ i got it from ebay if you were wondering. post thoughts? or what ever C:

Hey newgrounds and fellow elfen lied fans


2011-08-04 09:59:04 by mikuru15

Elfen Lied Teaser is out!!!!!!!

anyone going to glomp a otaku day?

How Ya Going

2011-06-20 07:52:53 by mikuru15

Hey Newgrounds with a capital "N", long time since my last post and people are asking me to make more! i'm very happy to hear users are enjoying my small flash collection and im here to bring you some good news, I'm in the middle of making another Elfen Lied flash crossing over with the famous internet MEME "nya nya dance" .

This will be my 2nd 2011 submission for this year, so look out for that soon. And since my fanbase is quite small I can send you all a PM when it's out with a link, just let me know by commenting down here *arrow pointing down*

If you don't know what Nya Nya dance is, then watch the video and find out.

nya nya dance (i didn't make this one)

This site is full of tards >:(

2011-05-13 19:11:18 by mikuru15

why is it ONLY this site ONLY this site i get so much negative feedback from?
I'm sick of it!
most of you have no idea how to rate a flash submission!
either you don't like it and rate "0" or you love it and rate "10"
come on does someone need to make a tutorial on rating?
i thought you could be at least that smart.

i guess your just the scum that got kicked out of deviant art
you never hear anything like this on deviant art, probably one of the most peaceful sites around
i came to this site because it was way more flash based and wanted to be part of the community here on newgrounds, obviously i didn't realize what a crap system they had here, where everyone is abusive and negative
this site is seriously a dumping ground for delinquents.
i submit a flash id been working on before most of the nyan cat vids came in and finished it submitted it and BAM! suddenly its the shittiest piece of fucking shit that ever walked the earth!
....just because it was done before and the audience i was aiming it at didn't like it.
this site is so fucked and this isn't the first time Ive raged against it!

theres nothing like spending a holiday afternoon animating while listening to newgrounds chat over and over and over and........

ive been working on this thing for about a year now, i better get a bloody trophy for it, cause thats one of my life goals t('_'t)

Lucy dog tag necklace!!

2011-02-13 07:45:18 by mikuru15

went to the shops with ma anime friends and went to this jewler shop and i showed the guy a pic of lucy on the net that some poor bastard drew, and he engraved it into a dogtag for me for $45, wasn't cheap, but hey i think it was worth it^^


Lucy dog tag necklace!!


2011-02-01 06:33:06 by mikuru15

Got my L plates after my second attempt at the test, i got 42% the first time and 94% the second time... can run over ppl now ^^

new caramelldansen easter egg

2010-12-16 21:55:28 by mikuru15

yeah christmas is pretty close so i thought id make another easter egg check it out